Trip Report – Apr 21 Wed Night Fast Hike

Wow!  Twenty-one hikers showed up for this hike on a lovely, clear spring evening. We tackled a number of hills briskly in the first half of the hike with good-natured huffing, puffing, &  joking.  Everyone seemed to intermingle and enjoy meeting new people and seeing old friends.  We finished at dusk and everyone seemed pleased with the after-work work out!  Wish we had a picture taker to share the happy faces with you!  There was a gps this time and it registered that we covered roughly 3.65 miles and while moving we went at 4.5 miles per hour…well at least the person with the gps moved at that speed. …the rest of us were a little slower!  We have a goal of doing the loop in 1.25 hours by June!  Do you think we can do it?  I do!

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