We try to maintain a busy schedule of hiking, biking and paddling outings in Western New York as well as trips elsewhere. Outings are posted in the weekly newsletter, the adk-nfc.org calendar, and the monthly newsletter (along with trip reports from past outings).

Important Documents

New ADK Outing Guide – provides a common certification program for ADK trip leaders;

and provides best practices for trip leaders in order to enhance the outings experience for all participants.

ADK Outings Guide Resource Page


ADK-NFC Liability Release Jan 2023 – This is the form Outings Leaders need. Participants need to sign it and the form needs to be scanned and emailed or otherwise sent back to the Outings Chair for documentation.

Digital Liability Form – To be used when the paper form is unavailable.


Accident Report Form

Covid-Related Policies & Procedures for all Outings

Approved June 1, 2021

These policies and procedures have been revised to reflect the latest Center for Disease Control, New York State Health Department, and Adirondack Mountain Club guidelines for fully vaccinated individuals. The Niagara Frontier Chapter does not require, but strongly encourages, vaccinations for participation in outings and other activities. Persons who are not fully vaccinated should be familiar with and follow the current recommendations.

  • All participants call the leader and register in advance if required.
  • At beginning of outing, the leader must screen all participants and themselves with the following questions. Anyone who answers “YES” to any of these should be sent home:
    • Do you currently have any symptoms of a respiratory infection (including cough, fever, sore throat, shortness of breath, or loss of taste/smell)?
    • Have you had any of the above symptoms in the past 14 days?
    • Have you tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 14 days?
  • At beginning of outing, the leader must verify that all participants have hand sanitizer and face masks. Masks are not required for fully vaccinated individuals except where required by federal, state, local, tribal, or territorial laws, rules and regulations, including local business and workplace guidance. Fully vaccinated individuals still need to carry a mask on outings for use if needed.
  • Updated liability forms must be signed by all participants.

Future Trip Leaders

Please contact the Outings chair if you would like to lead an outing.  I will support you in writing up the trip description and getting the ball rolling. Give me as much lead time as possible – I put new outings in at the beginning of every week, but the monthly is published near the end of the previous month. While many of us don’t like to bike or paddle when the weather is cool, hiking remains a wonderful option all year long.  Send those cool weather hiking trip ideas to me.

Fall/Spring Weather Outings

Don’t let dismal weather forecasts discourage you from getting outdoors during these transitional seasonal weekends.  Many times we say “no” to an outing because of possible rain and then the day turns out to be just beautiful!  So don’t be put off by an iffy forecast.  These are the perfect opportunities for you to test out your gear and your layering system.  It is so much more fun to exercise outside.  


Here are some tips to help you avoid a mishap….


  1. Pack your waterproof outer layers even if it is sunny at your house as you leave for an outing.  Also include a layer of insulation just in case it is colder than you think.  Remember to wear wool and polyester fabrics, no cotton.  Take your “10 Essentials” for comfort and possible survival.
  2. Re-spray your hiking shoes/boots with waterproof spray. Pack your micro-spikes just in case it is icy.
  3. Check your Google weather report for the destination of the outing.
  4. Have the trip leader’s cell phone number handy for last minute cancellations or late arrival at the meet-up place.
  5. And if the weather conditions are more than you were prepared for, or you truly wouldn’t enjoy yourself, then, try again next time!

Staying Safe in Thunderstorms

Recreationalists also should be aware that if skies suddenly darken, the wind increases or lightning flashes, it’s likely an electrical storm is approaching. Avoid high ground, isolated trees, water, and metal objects. Get out of the water! Seek shelter in a nearby building or vehicle. If a storm is imminent, make yourself as small as possible by squatting on the balls of your feet and keeping your arms close to your sides. Limit contact with the ground by putting your hands on your knees. Do not crowd people together.  You are safer alone than in a group.


Waterway Committee

If you are looking for places to paddle, Bob VanHise has developed a wonderful website called BuffaloPaddles-Google which uses Google Maps to show many great launching locations in and around WNY as well as a trip description.  Thank You, Bob!

Biking Committee

Three main questions were discussed at the 2015 Biking Committee organizational meeting.  The questions and answers are related below:


What makes ADK biking unique?

  1. INCLUSIVENESS – of many varied abilities, ages, bike types, clothing types;           
  2.  SAFETY – We follow the rules of the road, prefer bikeways and bike routes, wear helmets, help each other make sure our bikes are in good operating condition, and stick together;
  3. LOCAL TOURISM – We go to fun places and events throughout WNY and Southern Ontario;
  4. SOCIALIZATION – We get to know and talk to each other before, during, and after our rides.

What have we done in the past that you’d like to see continued?

A “laid back”, non-competitive tone, no hassles, food stops, combining biking with hiking or paddling or swimming, going to events/attractions, and riding on bikeways.


What would you like to see changed?

Having more leaders, better pre-screening of riders, more riders having their own spare tube and/or repair kit.


Look for trip descriptions on the Event Calendar 


See this link for Biking Safety Tips

Updated by our Outings Chair, Frank Meyer 10/7/2023 ([email protected])