Education & Programs Listing

January 2020-Present

Date Education Session Main Program
March 14 “Hike Leadership Skills” presented by long time member Ed Kasperek “The Western New York environment was like 380 million years ago” presented by Dan Krisher, former head of geology at Ward’s Natural Science in Rochester NY
February 14 “Emergency shelter options for day trippers” presented by former Chair, Mr. Paul Gannon. Reinstein Woods with Korah Witherell’s program on Animal Relationships
January-23 “Winter Backpacking” workshop presented by member Jonathan Coupal Laura Molenda’s discussion of her March 2022 summit of Mt Kilimanjaro, the Mountains and Marathons (international leadership group), and Buffalo’s Girls Education Collaborative which operates a girl’s school in Tanzania
December-22 Holiday Potluck Dinner and Chapter Meeting
November-22 Cross Country Ski and Snowshoe Workshop / Snowflake Ski Shop Silent Seasons / environmental lawyer and author Laura Evans, on sustainability
October-22 Mark Carra as President Theodore Roosevelt “All Our Relations” / Pete Hill, project director of Native American Community Services of Erie and Niagara Counties
September-22 Ice Cream Social and Slide Show of Members’ Nature Photos
June-22 Annual Meeting and Picnic at Sprague Brook Park Hike with Larry Moses, nature hike with Lynn and Doug Kenney, Alan Baczkiewicz, and Mike Radomski / Secret Places of Western New York: 25 Scenic Hikes authors Jennifer Hillman and Bill McKeever / Music by Gino McManus & Frank Grizanti / Conservationist of the Year Award presented to Rick Steinberg
May-22 The Backyard Bird Sanctuary / author Alan Baczkiewicz “Wildlife Rescue 101” / Margie Hanrahan of Messinger Woods Wildlife Care and Education Center
April-22 “The Current State of Eastern Monarch Butterfly Population” / Dave O’Donnell “The Ecological Restoration of Tifft Nature Preserve” / Kimberly Adriaansen
March-22 “Discovering Underappreciated Natural Resource Areas in WNY” / naturalist John Sander “An Unnatural Diet” / environmental artist Alexis Oltmer
February-22 “Friends of Allegany State Park” / organization president Paul Crawford “The Habitat Project” / Anne McCooey, director of the Black Rock Riverside Alliance
January-22 Zoom Meeting: “Forest Bathing” / Jennifer Fendya, PhD
December-21 “The 10 Essentials” and “Winter Gear” / Mike Radomski “Creating a Bridge – Connecting Forward Our “Loves” with the Next Generation” / Dr Michael Jabot, Distinguished Professor of Science Education at SUNY Fredonia
November-21 “The Owls of Reinstein” / Daniel Mlodozeniec, educator, Friends of Reinstein Woods Q&A with Dr Gerry Rising, author of the weekly Buffalo News column Nature Watch
October-21 Zoom Meeting: “Proposed Allegany Wildlands” / Kyle Semmel of WNY Land Conservancy
September-21 Zoom Meeting: Virtual Ice Cream Social and Members’ Photo Slideshow / Doug Gaffney
August-21 Annual Picnic at Ellicott Creek Park
June-21 Zoom Meeting: Chapter Election “Edible and Medicinal Plants of New York” / Heather Housekeeper, aka The Botanical Hiker
May-21 Zoom Meeting: “Adirondack Search Utilizing the Rescue Incident Command System” / Peter Boinet, Adirondack Mountain Rescue Organization
April-21 Zoom Meeting: “Paddling Safety and Fun” / Andrea Vaillancourt-Adler, Certified   Paddling Instructor, and Mary & Richard Schraven
March-21 Zoom Meeting: “WNY Hiking Challenge” / Mike Radomski
February-21 Zoom Meeting: A Chat with ADK Staff / Andrew Hamlin, Trail Coordinator
January-21 Zoom Meeting: “ADK Summit Steward Initiative” / Kayla White
December-20 Zoom Meeting: Slide Show of Members’ Nature Photos
November-20 Zoom Meeting: “Saving Old Growth Trees at College Lodge Forest” / Kyle Semmel
October-20 Zoom Meeting: “Orienteering with a Compass” / Mike Radomski
September-20 Zoom Meeting: Business and Election of Officers, Member’s Slide Show
August-20 Zoom Meeting: Outings Policies and Procedures, and 2020 Covid Advice
June-20 Zoom Meeting: “High Peaks Adventuring: Part II” / Mike Radomski “Getting High with My Son – A Hut-to-Hut Traverse of the Presidential Range” / Paul Gannon
May-20 ZOOM “Let’s Get Ready for Spring Cycling” / Mike Lex Nature Appreciation: Photos of Lynn and Doug Kenney and Mary Schraven
April-20 Zoom Meeting: “Footloose and Blister Free” and “Rafting Through the Desert” / Paul Gannon
March-20 “What Does It Take To Be a Winter Mountaineer?” Maureen Rowley, Sue Kolasz, and Pam Sander share their experiences during the 2020 Winter Mountaineering School “Buffalo River Projects” / Buffalo Niagara Waterkeepers
February-20 “Delicious Backcountry Cooking” / Mary and Richard Schraven “Endangered Species” / Buffalo Zoomobile
January-20 Snowshoe & Cross-Country Ski Round Table / Teresa Corrigan Great Gorge Trolley Route/Niagara Regional Parks