about us

Explore. Educate. Protect.


ADK (Adirondack Mountain Club) works to protect New York State wild lands and waters by promoting responsible outdoor recreation and building a statewide constituency of land stewardship advocates.


Based out of the Adirondack Park in New York State, ADK is a leader in providing outdoor education,

promoting responsible recreation, and organizing stewardship experiences. Since 1922, the organization

has worked to increase access to the backcountry by building trails, conserving natural areas, and

developing a stewardship community that supports the ethical and safe use of New York’s outdoor

spaces. A member, donor, and volunteer-supported organization, ADK reaches across New York through

its 27 chapters to inspire people to enjoy the outdoors ethically. For more information on membership

or making a difference, head to www.adk.org or follow ADK on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and



While the focus of the club is on the Adirondacks, local chapters, including the Niagara Frontier chapter,

promote local recreation and activities that support local concerns such as support of parks, woodlands

and natural areas. Monthly main programs on a variety of topics can include presentations on wildlife,

nature preserves, environmental concerns, and places to visit. Monthly education programs cover how

to recreate safety and responsibly, equipment, and topics such as bird watching and how to identify

plants. Regular outings include day trips to local parks, paths and lakes, and overnight trips to various

locations including the Adirondacks. Day trips are usually hikes, canoe outings, bike rides, skiing and

snow shoeing. Overnight trips to the Adirondacks may include trips to hike the high peaks, canoe trips

and cross country skiing. Outings are announced in weekly emails and the monthly newsletter. Guests

are welcome and encouraged to join after trying out outings.