Outing Report – Iroquois Wildlife Refuge Bike Outing April 17th

Although the weather was against us being probably the coldest day we have had this month it was a great ride.  Four committed riders began the trip at the nature center where a video was supposedly available for viewing. (Its availability was also stated in the Buffalo News article.)  Unfortunately a DVD wasn’t available nor the equipment for viewing in working order.  So we enjoyed the few small exhibits in the center and bundled up for our trek.  We headed to the Overlook on Route 77 where 2 telescopes were set up.  Through the telescope we could view an eagle sitting on its nest in a tree off in the distance.  We nox pokemon go download also saw about 5 blue herons, one taking off about 15 feet away from us as we biked, it was beautiful.  Geese and ducks were also abundant.  Our bike trek was however cut short due to the weather.  But despite it being a cold, rainy, snowy, icy day I think it was one of the more adventurous rides I have taken.  The opportunity to watch birds, especially view an eagle, made it an awesome ride.   Submitted by Nancy Brown

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