Trip Report -Aug. 28 – Bicycle – Foot of Sheridan to Ellicott Creek Island Park

It was a sunny morning, with comfortable temperatures and a breeze at our back, as our group of ten riders headed north on the bike path toward Ellicott Creek Island Park. At Isle View Park the path closely parallels the river and we were treated to a view of the bright blue waters the Niagara. We continued on through Nia-Wanda Park to the junction of the river and the Erie Barge Canal. From there we headed east along the canal to the island park. The park is a popular spot for dog walkers and, shortly after we began our loop of the island, a small dog apparently thought he was more than a match for the oncoming tire of the lead bike. Fortunately the critter was leashed and the owner saved it from going home with a bruised head. The rest of our island ride was uneventful. All the dog walkers were courteous and their dogs paid no attention as we passed. After a snack break, we pedaled into the wind and back to our cars. A fun day with great company was had by all. Submitted by Ron Dorr

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