Hike on Beehunter Trail Trip Report July 11 2010

Eight hikers met at ASP Sunday, July 11 for a delightful 7 mile hike on Beehunter Trail. Most of the time, we were under the canopy of trees in full leaf, but the sun and blue sky were usually evident. Many of us had hiked this trail last October, for the FLTC Fall outing under significantly different conditions (several inches of snow, and branches laden with snow partially obstructing the trail in many areas)! It was a treat to experience what the trail has to offer when trail markers and the well-worn trail are actually visible!

Cheryl informed us along the way of some interesting information she had learned from hike leaders while attending the Nature Pilgrimage a few years (how’s this for a subtle plug?).

Afterwards, seven of us enjoyed a potluck lunch in a shady area, savoring a variety of cold salads, homemade hummus, cheese, crackers and fruit, finishing with wedding cake from Cheryl’s daughter Sarah’s recent wedding!

Five of us then headed to the beach, although only three of us swam in the refreshing water.

Three folks then headed back to Buffalo, one headed out for a bike ride and one enjoyed the quiet of Red House Lake for another hour.

It was a marvelous day; join us next time!

Submitted by Kathy Boni

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