ADK LOJ Ski/Snowshoe – 3/9-11/18

The Adirondacks never let me down so, I go back every chance I get. A bad day of hiking is better than a good day of work. So it was I signed up for the ADK-NFC annual LOJ outing, coordinated by the ever-so-capable Mary Schraven and her supportive, involved husband, Richard.

We carpooled through wicked weather and arrived at the LOJ to claim our bunks, take a quick snowshoe stroll around Heart Lake and enjoy a wonderful dinner in the dining room. Everyone became fast friends even though I only knew a few and not well at that.

Saturday, we rose early. Some took off to cross country ski at Cascade. Others (like me) snowshoe hiked. We had a great time, knocking Phelps off my 46’er list (even if we didn’t get Table Top. Every ambitious hike I take seems to end one short of what I planned).

On Sunday, we snowshoed again to Avalanche Pass, which was breathtaking, frozen in winter with perfect conditions, pristine wilderness, as close to heaven as you can get without departing this realm.

If you always wondered what this trip was about, whether you would fit in, or if it was worth it, don’t. Sign up as soon as possible next year (Same B1/G1 night free, same weekend 3/8-3/10) and understand, you will be addicted and it promises to be a well-coordinated, well-run trip because of the great job Mary and Richard do.

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— Submitted by Joseph Genco