Laura Secord Trail, part 3 – 3/4/18

Bluebird skies and mild temperatures provided delightful conditions for our merry group led by Ken Martin to complete the popular 20-mile historic Laura Secord Trail. We spotted cars and began our 6-mile hike at Rodham Hall Art Center in St. Catherines, walking along the glistening Twelve Mile Creek for most of the day.


After about 4 miles we climbed the Niagara Escarpment through lush scenic woods and found some nice views of Lake Ontario. DeCew Falls was robust, due to the springlike temps and plentiful snowmelt.

Near the end of our journey we viewed a pair of majestic Mute Swans in Lake Moodie, displaying their sinuous necks and signature orange beak and black head markings.


Our final stop was at the remains of the historic DeCew House. There in 1813, Laura Secord delivered her fateful message to Lieutenant Fitzgibbon of an imminent American attack. She made the 32-km trip in one June day, and carved out her place in Canadian history.

Guelder Rose fruit



— Submitted by David and Janet Kowalski