Zoar Valley North Rim Snowshoe – 3/17/18

Three of us met at the Park & Ride on Union Rd. near Main St. in Williamsville and drove to the Zoar Valley Multiple Use entrance on Vail Road. One additional member joined us there. The snow was too deep to park in the lot. We adopted a version of the “fartlek” trail breaking system, where the one in front breaks trail for a while and then moves to the side while the rest of the group passes by with a new “leader” to move through the 18’’ snow-depth. This was not necessary when we got to the rim trail in the woods. The snow depth was less there.

It was a great day for the trip. The temperature was in the high twenties and it was a beautiful sunny day. With the leaves off the trees, the views of the gorge were spectacular. We hiked past the “knife edge” and took a break for a snack. We saw deer and other tracks. It was a great opportunity for photography. The way back to the cars was much easier as we retraced the path we created on the way in.

— Submitted by Richard Schraven