7/3 Zoar Valley Hike & Bike

All the people who missed out on this trip in the past because of questionable weather or other conflicts, had another opportunity on this glorious day. 17 bikers completed the uphill ride to the North-rim with no flat tires nor any other bicycle breakdowns. The mood was generally upbeat that the hardest part of the outing was over, but people had another chance to test themselves at the knife-edge. This ridge that descends from the rim to the creek level, provides anxiety on the way down with a flakey surface that has little grip. Those, who took this option, enjoyed their lunches next to the creek’s moving water. In fact, most availed themselves of the cool water for relief from the hot sun. Everyone who went down climbed back up the 400 feet high wall. Those who chose to stay up, continued along the rim to have their lunches by a cool, leafy glade, where a small stream makes its way to the edge of the gorge and then becomes a waterfall to the creek below. The reunited group retraced its route back to the bikes and was treated to a mostly down-hill trip back to the cars. It was a beautiful day with clear blue skies. Peddling up the hills got hot, but the breeze from the speedy descents was cooling and the hike on the forested rim trail was comfortable besides being scenic. Special thanks go to Paul Kochmanski, who ably performed as sweep on the bikes as well as on the trails. My wife, Mary also served as guide for the alternate route to the glade. Submitted by: Richard Schraven

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