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Do you need virus protection for Windows 10? How to enable the Real-time protection on Windows Defender? is Windows Defender good enough to protect my computer? When do you need another antivirus to protect your Windows 10?

Security is the primary issues since first being for Windows. Windows XP became the most vulnerable operating system of its time, even a grandmother can make a computer virus for Windows XP. Since Windows 7, Windows security system becomes better. When you want to run an executable file, you will get a warning to make sure you want to run it. Most viruses on Windows is an executable file with dot exe extension.

In Windows 10, Microsoft provides virus protection called Windows Defender. Windows Defender is enabled by default after you install Windows 10, it will protect your PC by scanning for malicious software and provide Real Time Protection.

avast safezone browser Prptection for Windows 10

If you have previously used Windows 7, then you are familiar with Microsoft Security Essentials, because actually it is not much different from the Windows Defender. Windows Defender delivers real-time protection as antivirus for Windows 10.

To ensure that your Windows Defender with the Real-time protection is active, go to Start menu > Settings > Update & security, and then choose Windows Defender

Windows 10 virus protection

All the sections including Real-time protection is turning on means that your Windows 10 is protected. Real-time protection means that Windows Defender is working in the background searching for malware while you are using your Computer for surfing the Internet or when you exchanging the data with your friends. Of course, Windows Defender uses a lot of memory resources. You can turning this off for a while if your Computer performance is slowing.

If you feel that it is too heavy to turn on the Real-time protection, you can turning it off and run the manual scans once for a while. Windows Defender allow you to scan your Windows 10 manually. Go to Settings just like before, Click Use Windows Defender at the bottom of the pane. Now you can do a quick scan, full system scan, or a custom scan of specific folders.

Is Windows Defender good enough to protect my computer

What becomes added value for Windows Defender is, it works in real time in the background without interupting our work by showing up a pop-up or something. All Real-time protection service are consuming memory, but Windows Defender is a lot lighter than another 3rd party antivirus like avast safezone browser. Windows Defender is keep updating their security and patch that came with Windows Update. It is always up-to-date.

is windows defender good enough virus protection
Windows Defender is pretty good for Windows 10 when we used it for daily basis and standard of work we normally do with Windows 10 like browsing the internet, social media, and playing multimedia material. But if you are an advanced user who often perform peer-to-peer data communication such as downloading and seeding torrents, you may need better Virus Protector. There are many free antivirus, but we suggest you use the premium one for better protection.

When you install another antivirus in Windows 10, Windows Defender will stop working automatically, and it will be active again when you uninstall the antivirus another.