Trip Report – Wed Fast Hike at Seufert Rd Mar. 31

What a perfect evening to start up our Wed Night Very Fast Hike on the Seufert Rd Loop!  March 31st was a lamb of a day with sunshine and mild temperatures.  Thirteen of us started out briskly, chatting away with the enthusiasm borne of spring fever.  At one time we took a vote if we wanted the ‘harder’ way or to start out with a slightly gentler version.  Gentler won out though by the end there were enough groans to signify that gentler was not gentle.  Chestnut Ridge Park and the interconnecting trails offered beautiful views into the ravines and the creeks splashing through them as if from a calendar page.  Several new folk joined our ranks and we look forward to seeing them again.  Now all we need is a special outing in the Adirondacks to hold out as a goal as we work to get in condition.

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