Trip Report – Memorial Day Wildflower Hike

This annual hike on Mt. Tuscarora/Firetower trail in Allegany State Park was quite enjoyable. We saw a good number of wildflowers but were very suprised that the usual assortment had already bloomed and gone to seed. This year is definitely an early growing season! The other big change was caused by a tornado that went through last year and flattened a roughly two mile stretch of trees on the side of the mountain. More sunlight is hitting the trail now and one of the consequences is that it is drier. This year there is less rain too so it was hard to tell how much the dryness was due to the tornado vs the rainfall.
After the hike finished we enjoyed hot dogs done on the charcoal grill at the Quaker Picnic area as well as the delicious contributions from the other participants: salads, baked beans, fruit and dessert.
There were many rumbles of thunder in the distance as we hiked but it wasn’t til we were finished and at the picnic grounds that we actually saw the lightnening flashes and heard the storm come seemingly close. Luckily the rain did not really pelt us til we were ready to leave. Got home around 6pm. Submitted by Cheryl Peluso

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