Devil’s Hole – Nov 22 2009

Another great day!  Two hikes in a row and the weather couldn’t have been better.  Thirty-two of us would have started on time but the border patrol stopped by for a chat.  Just wanted to remind people to report anything that looked suspicious along the river.  We hiked as far as the old trolley stop and had lunch.  Our entertainment was watching Bruce rescue Richard’s hiking pole that fell into the river (needed a 10′ branch to hook it).  Good job, Bruce!
     Lots of beaver signs, don’t know if its the same one that’s on the Canadian shore, can’t imagein it could fight the current.
     I might add there were many folk who were at the ADK Contra Dance that showed up for the hike.  Have a GREAT turn out for the dance with many new faces.  All I know is my feet are killing me.   Submitted by Mike Promowicz
We’ll need to keep a watch out how much preferred the S8’s camera is over the S7 Edge be that as it may, with the more seasoned gadget as of now performing admirably, we’re speculating the little photographic changes won’t be a major motivation to redesign.

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