Zoar Valley Hike – 12/10/17

This was a perfect winter outing! We arrived in Gowanda to gentle snowfall and snow-covered roads. A quiet hush surrounded us as we hiked out to view the gorge from Point Peter and then down the trail to the creek edge. 

We powered ourselves up Pyramid Hill just for the challenge, and to marvel at the rugged trees and sheer cliffs. While on top, we were honored with an Iroquois story of the importance of the White Pine. The White Pine is considered the Tree of Peace. It’s needles are in small bundles of 5, signifying the 5 nations of the Iroquois. Its root system extends in the 4 directions, unifying all people. An Eagle is often shown perched on top, to overlook and protect the peace between the 5 nations.

We paused at Valentine Flats amid the rushing rapids, with thoughts of hot skinny dippers enjoying the sun and water during the summer.

For most of us, it was our first visit to this section of Zoar Valley during the winter. Wish you all could have been there!

– Submitted by Mary Schraven