Trip Report-Ice Skating 2/17/17


Ice Skating (February 17) – Is it possible for those over 50 to re-enter the world of ice skating and enjoy themselves as they had in earlier years? YES! Under the guidance, encouragement, and friendship of ADKer Paul Kochmanski, our outing in February has proven just that for 5 skaters at the North Buffalo Rink. One skater used to be a figure skater in her youth, but hasn’t been on skates in 25 years. You should have seen the joy on her face as she rediscovered her turns by the end of the evening! Another skater used to play hockey, but hasn’t been on skates in 15 years; he was proud to have not fallen the entire evening, though somewhat swarmed with pre-teens! The season is over now, but keep it in mind for next year as we explore different indoor rinks and different times, and not have to worry about the weather. Submitted by Judy Catalano.