SS HIKE — Beaver Meadow Audubon Center — 2/08/20

Our group of 9 snow-lovers enjoyed picture perfect winter hiking conditions for our 3-mile trek throughout the nature trails at Beaver Meadow. Snowshoes were ideal for the several inches of fresh snow this southern venue received, and we feasted on the fresh powder and ice that rested on all the trees and bushes in our view. We began on the Jenny Glen Boardwalk, then climbed the Hawk Ridge Trail to the Long Trail, before circling back via Rusty Stove and Kettle Pond trails to our starting point.

We admired several old trees including balsam, spruce, hemlock and black cherry. We savored a solitary white oak tree near the arboretum that retains its unique rounded leaves throughout the winter. The boardwalk bridges, tree canopies, varied snowy terrain, great weather and nice people made for a perfect Saturday outing.

— Submitted by Janet and David Kowalski