Little Rock City Hike – October 25 2015

LRCIt may have been past peak leaf season but the woods behind Ellicottville were still remarkably full of color.  Many ooo’s and ahhhh’s were heard as our group meandered along the trail.  Though it had been sprinking on the drive down the rain had stopped on time for our hike.  Even though the trail footing was rocky and uneven, the beautiful scenery was worth the discomfort. About 3.5 miles into the hike we came upon the remarkable rock formations of Little Rock City and plant life clinging to them for life.  We took the Finger Lakes Trail through the prettiest sections of this “city” before turning back to our true trail and continuing on.  Further on we had a good sighting of the tornado area which had been blasted flat about 5 years ago.  Altogether it was a wonderful time in the woods with an interesting group of hikers.  Submitted by Cheryl Peluso