Knox Farm Jan. 11, 2017

No -Snow – Walk at Knox Park – January 11, 2017
On a cold & dry winter morning four of us walked almost all of the perimeter paths at Knox Farm. We made a brief stop at the ‘little library ‘, went around the outermost trails where we could look across the road to the seminary, the path to the waterfall and the polofields.  Found a ‘letterbox ‘ under a tree stump. (Google it. Letterboxing is a less technical version of geocaching ). Then we peeked in the windows of the mansion & the Polo barns. FYI  Knox is a busy place on the weekends.  Many happy canines cavorting in the dog park area.  By noontime, cars were parked on the grass all along the exit road, right next to the ‘do not park on the grass’ signs.
Carol Griffis