HIKE — Beehunter Trail in Allegany State Park — 5/18/19

TRILLIUMS GALORE!! Mother Nature displayed a feast of beautiful Trillium flowers along the wooded Beehunter trail for a delightful Spring trek in Allegany State Park. Hikers met leaders Victoria Rowley and Micah in Ellicottville, then caravaned to the Beehunter trailhead. Perfect Spring weather conditions were complemented by the sounds of songbirds and bursts of forest colors.

A chill we felt in the air quickly dissipated as we climbed up 600 ft. in elevation into the forest. Proceeding on the trail we observed hundreds of White Trilliums, some rare and lovely Painted Trilliums and a number of  Red Trilliums (photo).
Many other wildflowers were seen as well, including Dwarf Ginseng, Jack-in-the-Pulpit, Miterwort, Mayapple, Violets and Speedwells.

Our group enjoyed the cool shade of the newly-leaved hardwoods, and enjoyed a picnic lunch while sitting on logs by a babbling brook. Altogether we hiked 6.5 miles with over 1300 feet in elevation gain and had a great workout. Our friendly group ranged in ages from 12 to adults.

A great time was had by all! There’s no better way to spend a Spring Saturday in Western NY.

Thanks to Victoria and Micah for a wonderful outing!

— Submitted by David and Janet Kowalski