Download FaceTime App for Windows PC/Computer

Apple continues to rule the world of applications and software development with radical releases from time to time. FaceTime is one of the latest applications developed by Apple Inc. which enables video calling between two FaceTime compatible Apple devices. These devices include versions of iPhones, iPod Touch, iPads and Mac PCs which have been released post announce of FaceTime. One can download FaceTime for PC/Computer and enjoy visual conversation with people using the internet facility. The only requisite for FaceTime to work is that both the devices in a communication should have front Cameras and speedy internet connectivity. FaceTime is considered to be a reply by Apple to the much popular application Skype, introduced by Microsoft.

Downloading Facetime for PC/ Computer is a simple affair and the process is explained below:

First thing that needs to be ensured is that the computer on which one tries to download should be a Mac PC because FaceTime is only iOS compatible and no official version has been released for Windows or Android platform. If one comes across any such software then it should be considered nothing but purely a gimmick.

Step 1 – Open a web Browser like Safari.

Step 2 – Go to the official Apple Website that is

Step 3 – Enter ‘buy FaceTime’ in the search bar available on the top right corner of the default home screen.

Step 4 – Click on ‘Buy FaceTime’ button which is available on the screen along with the software overview and features.

Step 5 – Follow the instructions given in the subsequent pop – up windows which are part of the installation process.

  • If the installation does not start immediately, go to the folder where the downloaded files get stored and click on the setup file for FaceTime.

Step 6 – Once the download and installation has finished, an icon would appear on the desktop screen. Click on that to start the application.

Once the application is installed on the computer or other Apple device, it automatically synchronizes all the contacts in the device and provides a number of ways in which FaceTiming can be executed. One can run video telephony by clicking on the FaceTime button available on the dialing screen while on the call or initiate a FaceTime call from the contacts.

The apple devices which support FaceTime are –

  • iPhone 4 or later versions
  • iPad 2 or subsequent versions
  • iPod Touch (at least fourth generation)
  • Mac personal computers with FaceTime enabled on them.

FaceTime was first announced in the year 2010 and released for usage by the end user soon after. The latest improvement or addition of features has been the launch of FacetimeAudio which is a calling service. FaceTimeAudio utilizes the Voice over Internet Protocol to provide telephony between tow peripherals. The development phase is nearing its completion and the application would be available soon for the end user to experience and enjoy.

FaceTime has many unique features:

One of them is the fact that if a user initiates a video call while on a regular call, then no extra minutes are counted thereon which means that the call ends there and FaceTime conversation begins. FaceTime requires three mega bytes per minute to operate smoothly so initially only wi – fi enabled devices with active connection could run FaceTime but the improvements have been made which ensure that even 3G connectivity is sufficient to run this application. Each Apple user is advised to download FaceTime for PC/Computer and enjoy the proximity to their beloveds irrelevant of the physical distance or geographical gap.