Devil’s Hole and Whirlpool Rapids Hike — 8/26/18

A few new faces joined some familiar ones for a five mile excursion along the Niagara River, enjoying perfect summer conditions and the always-captivating powerful rapids.

Seven hardy hikers started at Whirlpool State Park on a trail with spectacular views into the gorge, then enjoyed the scenic rim trail to the newly refurbished steps descending into Devil’s Hole gorge.

The lower river trail is breathtaking, being in close proximity to the forceful flow of water downstream of Niagara Falls. With the sight and sounds of the rapids, and the emerald blue-green color of the water, the river is a feast for the senses.  At the turn-around point on the Whirlpool Rapids Trail, all enjoyed a relaxing snack break on the flat rocks, savoring this special spot.

The fit group completed the climb up the 340 steps to the gorge rim and returned to the visitors center, exhilarated by the natural beauty and exercise.

Click Here to view Videos of the rapids and additional Photos of this spectacular environment.

— Janet and David Kowalski