Bike Ride Circumnavigation of Grand Island – 9/8/2018

Four ADK bikers circumnavigated Grand Island on Saturday morning, with cool temperatures in the 60’s. The day was cloudy and breezy but no rain. The outing began with breakfast of French toast at Tom Burkman’s house. A headwind challenged the group whether they were headed south or north, but the trip was completed in about three and a half hours. One member of the group suffered a flat tire in the final stretch. The culprit was a minuscule but sharp shard of gravel that penetrated tire and tube. The leader picked up bike and rider in a pickup truck without much delay.  A new bike path is being created along West River Road by the State.  It will lead directly into Beaver Island State Park.   It should be ready in time for the next ADK bike outing on Grand Island. – Submitted by Tom Burkman