6/04/22 – Hike – Hunters Creek Conservation Trail

Following a hot spell, cool temps provided ideal conditions for a delightful hike in the lush green forests. We met at the Northern parking lot of Hunters Creek County Park and hiked out and back on the Conservation Trail. Near the beginning of the climb we took the switchback spur trail instead of the straight uphill main trail, which we used later for our downhill return.

During our 6-mile trek we were treated to mixed woods with a lovely variety of trees, numerous brook crossings, scenic ravine views, and wildflowers including the iconic Jack-in-the-Pulpit and Dwarf Cinquefoils. We took the green spur trail to the banks of Hunters Creek and enjoyed a prolonged waterside snack break, greeting other hikers and bikers who were also enjoying this wonderful day.

We returned to the main trail and continued hiking in the heavenly hemlock forest. All along the hike, it was a pleasure to share nature and stories with fellow ADK members, who are always a fountain of interesting conversations to add to the enjoyable hiking experience.

– Janet and David Kowalski