11/14/22 – Hike – Reinstein Woods

Reinstein Woods Environmental Education Center is located at the Dr. Victor Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve – a unique 292-acre complex of forests, ponds, and wetlands surrounded by suburban development., and is located at 93 Honorine Drive, Depew, N.Y.  On Monday, November 14, 2022, a foursome of ADK-NFC members walked the trails of Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve, and learned the history of this unique property. Though most of the hardwood trees have lost their leaves, we marveled at the many pretty beech trees that will hold onto their leaves for months to come.  We heard birds, but saw few (perhaps due to the happy chatter of our group)!  We admired the great, new signs on the property, that are both attractive and informative. We spent time admiring the boarded up Reinstein family summer home that is made of limestone, which was most likely locally quarried.  The building sits next to one of the lovely ponds designed by Dr. Reinstein who was inspired by the country life of his ancestral Germany.  We had fun inspecting the stones and found many fossils of the creatures that once inhabited the ancient waters of our area. On the return to the Education Center, and next to the water’s edge and the trail, we watched an old Great Blue Heron who posed for us and a photographer.  Time was spent in the Education center that offers great information on nature and about the many animals that call Reinstein home. Every visit to Reinstein is special and should be frequented by all who appreciate the benefits of time spent in nature.
– Pam Sander