09/29/22 – Hike – Chestnut Ridge

Hike + Pizza = Wow!  Saturday, September 23, 2022, hike in Chestnut Ridge Park was a win-win!  Led by experienced “Ridger”, Randy Barker, the group of thirteen experienced perfect weather, conversations, and delicious pizza that was delivered to a shelter at noon.  Many thanks to Randy who arranged for the pizza and perfectly timed the delivery. Parking at the Eternal Flame lot, Randy wanted our group to experience a lesser known and traveled trail. We enjoyed some fall leaf changes, abundant White wood asters, the ever interesting Beech-drops, and on one tree, an unusual mass of white, moving “things” (later determined to be Beech wooley aphids, sometimes called Boogie-Woogie Bugs).

The roly-poly path was full of exposed tree roots, and there were a few areas that required slow and careful footing.  Participants kept an eye out for these obstacles, and were very helpful to others who needed a hand of assistance.  Randy kept a watchful eye and managed the line whenever a gap appeared.  The time went by quickly and we ended up hiking in excess of five miles which was pure joy.

Before leaving the parking lot, conversations continued with discussing several locations for the next great hike which will be advertised in the upcoming newsletters. Please remember to read your newsletters in their entirety as our chapter is providing more outings which are listed in the last pages of the newsletter.

– Pam Sander and Sue Kolasz