07/06/22 – Bike – Clarence Bike Path

Clarence Bike Path to Bistro 93 Lunchtime Bike Outing, July 6, 2022 (20-mile total)

What a delightful peddle on the Clarence bike path from Transit Road next to The Rock Restaurant to Bistro 93 in Akron on Wednesday, July 6th. A very flat and smooth ride that passes pretty, manicured backyards, farmland, and shaded woodlands was enjoyed by eleven, happy and hungry ADKers and soon-to-be members.  We passed a couple of healthy and posing deer, pretty wildflowers, a friendly assortment of people and other cyclists while chatting amongst ourselves.  Thanks to Tom Giambrone for leading and securing safe road crossings – this route does include, at times, heavier traffic.  Lunch at Bistro 93 is inexpensive, the menu is impressive, food delicious and the service charming.  Owner and expert pie maker Jennifer can rattle off a long list of pie options and is happy to engage in fun conversation (ask her how she came to purchase the bar/restaurant).

Our group enthusiastically agreed another bike n’ meal outing would be fun and plan on posting a similar bike outing to Bistro 93 in the August newsletter.  Please, don’t forget to read your newsletters to know about the fun outings planned for the summer.

Pam Sander and Sue Kolasz