04/01-04/06 – HIKE – Conservation Trail

Conservation Trail continued…”Old friends and Signs of Spring.”
Days 4-7 April 1- 6, 2020.
We have continued our hiking and have finally left the Alleghany and Ellicottville area, but have encountered along the way some signs of spring, like the “forest of pussy willows” on the Seneca Nation’s land, mating salamanders and chorus of frogs in numerous small ponds, along with lovely flowers and emerging colors of budding trees on the hillsides. Some steep climbs were conquered and lots of driving, sometimes more hours than our hiking, but we are getting closer to home, so the drives will be shorter now.
We then hiked through some old friends, Little Rock City, Holiday Valley, and Holimont Ski areas in Ellicottville. I never thought we would ever be “walking “ down a ski slope, or shall we say, “sliding” down?
Even with all the snow still there though there are signs of spring to come.
Like the ancient tree roots at Little Rock City, we will preserver! More to come…
-Submitted by Joanne and David Magavern