Trip Report Grand Island Hike and Breakfast Feb. 4, 2017

Tom Burkman had a wonderful breakfast for us hikers of bacon, eggs, coffee, and juice.  Participants added fresh fruit, English muffins and exotic flavors of yogurt. Yummy!  With our bellies full and a feeling of camaraderie, we set off for a lovely hike around the creek, woods, and wet lands  adjoining Tom’s property.  Our first adventure was crossing the mostly frozen creek over a bridge that made us wonder what we were getting ourselves into.  But following our brave leader, everyone made it across safely.  We saw footprints that may have been coyote and many wild turkey tracks.  Crossing the wetland ponds and hearing the ice groan and splinter under our weight was also a thrill, though no one got a wet foot.  After about 90 minutes, we warmed up around the fireplace with hot cocoa.  It was a great way to visit with a new and well known ADK members, get some exercise and enjoy the lovely wilderness of Grand Island. Thank you Tom for sharing your home and woods with us all!

Here’s what Tom wrote: On February 4, seven members including new ADK member, John Melithoniotes went for a winter hike in Grand Island.  They gathered at the home of Tom Burkman for a hearty breakfast for which several brought food.  Snow cover amounted to only a couple of inches, so hiking boots were sufficient in what was originally marketed as a snowshoe outing.  The group hiked into the woods along Gun Creek.  Then along trails and a pipeline and fields ending back at Tom’s house for hot chocolate around the fireplace.  The cold temperatures of the preceding week made it safe to cross the creek and wetland areas. The snow cover was a graphic display of deer, coyote and turkey tracks.  A good time was had by all.