Paris Climate Summit Hike, November 8, 2015

Climate Change Hike 2 Climate Cgange HikeOn a bright November Sunday morning 15 of us met at the “Discovery Center in Niagara Falls State Park.” We were a mix of ADKers, Sierrans and students. Our leader Jay Wopperer was dressed in a tiger costume; there was a gorilla, a dinosaur and a little bear in the group. Several carried signs calling attention to the Paris Summit and calling for the end of fossil fuels. We had pamphlets to distribute with the same message.

We walked under the Rainbow bridge to Prospect point passing the amazing falls view where Father Hennepin got his first glimpse of this wonder and then moved on to Prospect Point where we were marveled at by tourists. They took pictures of us in our costumes and so did we. Along with the photography, we tried to get across our concerns about the Planet. We went on to Luna and then Goat Island where a magnificent Rainbow paralleled the arch of the Rainbow Bridge for us. We then reversed our tracks.

It was a beautiful day, we had a great time and maybe we did some good.

The hike was an ADK contribution to the “Rise up for Climate Change” campaign organized by Sierra Club Niagara Group.  Submitted by Larry Beahan