Backpack ‘Ha De Ron Dah’ Wilderness – 5/18-20/18

The Ha De Ron Dah Wilderness is just outside of Old Forge New York in the Western Adirondacks. Our band of seven intrepid backpackers left Buffalo on Friday morning. We hiked in the first night over rolling hills about 5 miles to the Middle Branch Lake lean-to. The site is lovely with nice water access and a glorious sunset.






The second day we hiked about 11 miles in the rain to Middle Settlement lake lean-to. Gusting winds and rain all day made us happy to have a lean-to and some chill time to warm up and enjoy the company. Some of the trail crossings were a bit more challenging than the first day.


Sunday morning we hiked out about 5 miles to finish the trip. Some amazing rock formations and a nice sandwich were our rewards. A great trip with newer backpackers learning from more experienced ones.



— Submitted by Aaron Slosman