ADK Winter Weekend at Tug Hill – Jan 22-24

We were concerned about the lack of snow when we departed for this weekend, but not to worry. There was less snow than usual on the Tughill Plateau, but two feet was sufficient for our skiing and snowshoeing needs. A formal meal was not provided Friday evening, but the host Onondaga Chapter (Syracuse) provided vegetarian chili and turkey soup as participants arrived from all over the state. A variety of outings from easy to strenuous was offered at many venues between Lake Ontario and the Adirondacks and the grounds of the Mad River Club had trails to be explored through the forest. Saturday evening, live music was performed for our listening and dancing pleasure. The food was good and ample and the close proximity of 50 people camping out on the basement floor encouraged camaraderie. While Western New York has some excellent skiing and snowshoeing, over the four years that I have participated in this weekend, it hasn’t disappointed yet.  Submitted by: Richard Schraven

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