4/2/22 – Hike – FLT Holimont to Poverty Rd.

Our northbound 5-mile hike on the Finger Lakes Trail (FLT) from Ellicottville to Poverty Hill Rd was full of unexpected delights! Minutes after we began our steep climb from the trailhead on NY 242, we turned around and witnessed downhill skiers enjoying snow-covered hills in April! The spectacular panorama of HoliMont Ski Club was impressive from our high perch. We were following FLT markers on private land, surrounded by numerous other trails with fun names like Huckleberry Lane, Bridal Path, and Not Good. We encountered named landmarks called Emerald Pond and Field of Dreams. After descending to Maples-Ellicottville Rd and crossing robust Elk Creek we were standing among stately Spruce trees, growing in straight rows planted plantation-style. While climbing Poverty Hill we encountered an enchanting man-made shelter and a sturdy bench with the heartwarming inscription: “Rest – Remember the Good Days”. And so we did! As we descended to our endpoint we identified a few distinctive Scotch Pines with their characteristic 2-tone orange/grey-brown bark and often curvy trunks. You never know what fun surprises you’ll find on the trails!

– David and Janet Kowalski